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Welcome to the Contactus „Bulletin Board“.
Here you can look for apartments, furniture, books and much more.
If you are registered as a user in Contactus, you can post your own offers or let others know what you are looking for.


Select one of the categories to see all the matching posts available. Refine your search by selecting either offers or requests or you can search by keyword.


Please be aware that you can enter more than one keyword. The keywords must contain more than two characters.

To post an offer or a request (new entry)

Registered Contactus users can create, edit and delete their own offers or requests as needed (posts are automatically deleted after 30 days).

  1. Click on new entry
  2. Click on the desired category
  3. Fill in the form (in German and English) and send

If you would like to edit, delete or extend the duration of your announcement after its publication, please sign in again with your user name. Click on edit entry to make the necessary changes.

The announcements in these categories are posted by the users themselves. We reserve the right to delete any announcement which we deem inappropriate or which does not comply with German law. Martin Luther University is not responsible for any announcement published by Contactus users. The origin and content of each announcement is the responsibility of the user who created the announcement.

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